Platte County Wyoming.Platte County Wyoming.


There is a special place that author Annie Proulx describes in her books as the Wyoming breaks” along the North Platte river. She writes in Bird Cloud: A Memoir of Place” of a landscape where you can see how geological rifts are literally tearing the North American continent apart and you become aware of a history hundreds of millions of years old. Its a place where the landscape is infinitely larger than humans.

Buffalo trails, followed by wagon and cattle trails, now traced by paved roadways follow ageless paths into the Laramie mountains to the west.

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My path in life has led here for the next six months. Going to a place where cowboys tell you people fall over when the wind quits blowing and drifts of snow pile 20 feet deep is a huge leap of faith for my little family.

But it is such a beautiful place, once etched in your memory you cannot forget. I see why Mrs. Proulx made it her home and has written several books about it. This is what the West always was. As the Shoshone once said, it is where heaven and earth meet”.

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