Welcome to my little blog ! It is where I share articles of interest and explore the subject of documentary photography and ranching. Occasionally I interview someone, I’m inclined to let people speak and not provide a narrative, encouraging others to develop their own opinion. I’m a big believer if we ask hard questions of those who represent us it can make a difference and hold them accountable. I’m located in one of the most politically corrupt regions of America according to a Harvard ethics study But it is also home to some of the best people in the South and has a rich agricultural heritage that is amazing.

My photos have broken multiple stories through the years that garnered national attention. Writing about the incarceration of Kharon Davis, exposing the corruption and abuse of the judicial system by a former district attorney. My stories and photographs have been picked up by the New York Times, Washington Post, RT News, Slate, Buzzfeed and others.

Film credits include No Man’s Land” a documentary about the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon to protest a ranching family’s incarcration. The film was nominated for the Best Documentary at the Denver International Film Festival 2017, and nominated Best Documentary Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2017. It was awarded the Best Documentary Film at the Gasparilla International Film Festival in 2018.

I live on my farm in rural Alabama, raise cattle and focus on personal photography projects.

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