The End of summer

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Summer camp at the top of Stony Pass, looking at Canby peak - 4,108 meters , San Juan County Colorado

The end of summer is never something a guide looks forward to. But with it the true power and majesty of these mountains are on full display. My woman back in Alabama as well is thankful I’m coming home in one piece no injuries, bear maulings, no frostbite. She I am reminded is my everything. But the thing I miss most about these peaks is unspeakable. It is the power and spirit of a landscape I fell in love with as a child. It’s whisper in the wind of winter coming is humbling. Below Rabbi Mintz is a little videopostcard farewell for the season, you have taught me well to see all that is.

Video and sound from the blowing rock on Stony Pass, San Juan County Colorado

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