Silvertonians we are

Mineral Creek , San Juan County ColoradoMineral Creek , San Juan County Colorado

The small town that I work out of as a mountain guide has been my summer home off and on for over a decade. It has always been a refuge for me from the outside world. A welcome respite from the brutal summer heat of Alabama. The mountains here are very much like the peaks where I grew up in northern Italy, the Dolomites. There is a quality of light here and a raw authenticity of place that holds my heart. I will miss it dearly this winter as I return home to help my parents. Below are a few snapshots that give you some idea of its beauty.
Old Willy’s Jeep in Silverton Colorado

Art in the street with painter Andy Darr

Brian at the Old One Hundred Mine My friend Monkey and his human Michael Constantine

Me and Micco

My friend Joe at the Old One Hudnred Mine, I first him in 1986 when he was a bartender at the Miner’s taver Silverton’s hostel, still the best deal in town. The last patch of summer snow on Kendall mountain - 4,100 m

Me with Suzanne Pralley from Oklahoma. I guided her into a remote 13,000 ft basin for days looking for the lost mining claim of her Uncle Dick Otty which we found Last night spent camping at Clear Lake beneath S. Grant peak @ 13,767 ft.

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