Blowing Rock’s Prayer Tree

Statue of Jesus near Blowing Rock, NCStatue of Jesus near Blowing Rock, NC I heard about a business that burned, a small religious oriented bookstore and boutique named Take Heart” in the small town of Blowing Rock in the Appalachian Mountains. Rumor had it that this little place had several mountain laurel trees that for decades people from all over the world had written down small prayer requests and tied them to the branches of the trees. Last week a fire totally destroyed the business yet did not burn one prayer. Nor was the tree harmed in any way. Both the tree and the prayers were directly beside and touching the burned building. Reportedly as the firefighters sprayed water on the fire, the fire would hit the trees and prayers, but it just stopped. Not one leaf was wilted, nor prayer was burned or showed any evidence of heat.

I went to check this out and I still do not understand what I saw but the story appears to be true. Not one prayer, and there are thousands, were lost.

Prayer tree in Blowing Rock North Carolina I can’t see how this could possibly be faked. Also, it is not possible for trees so close to a fire to not be injured or killed. But they were not, not even a leaf was wilted. People were coming up and hugging each other and crying while talking to owner Sheri Furman and seeing what is being called a miracle.

She said, The fire was jumping out of the windows, right next to all of those prayers. Not one of them was touched. As much damage as there was to the store and our inventory, God surely had a hand in the preservation of our messages to Him.”

Those interested in helping Mrs Furman rebuild can do so by sending donations to the-Bless Your Heart Fund at First Citizens Bank. The bank can accept cash or checks made payable to Bless Your Heart Fund. The mailing address is First Citizens Bank, P. O. Box 268, Blowing Rock, NC 28605 or online at their Go Fund me fundraiser.

Here are a few photos.

Notice how close the building that burned was to the leaves of the prayer tree. Not one prayer or leaf of the prayer tree was effected by the fire. Blowing Rock NC

The prayers are put on paper and in little plastic slips, none were melted

Also I found this little place where they make handmade graham cracker cookies and homemade ice cream. Being on the fat boy diet and only eating Keto…of course I had to stop.

Blue Deer Cookies near Boone NC

Then I wanted to see why the town was called blowing rock so this required seeing the actual blowing rock”.

The Blowing Rock

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