The infamous bad girl cheryl seatThe infamous bad girl cheryl seat

The Bad Girl Cheryl seat.

Heres a little piece I did for my friends at Money’s Grill. It’s a place that’s moved all around town, same folks, same food. 40 plus years. Originally Rupert’s poolroom (where I drank my first beer). Bill Roberts and I were asked are we 18 and we, each having just turned 16, nodded our heads. The local banker, Billy Scott Lindsey said I will supervise them”. Sitting at a bar drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon just two blocks from where we were entering the 11th grade was epic…we were kings.

The idea with the chair and a print out of Cheryl put on a Charlie’s angel body, is misbehaving children are threatened to have to sit in Mrs. Cheryl’s lap.

Debbie (Cheryl’s sister) looking at the bad girl cheryl seatDebbie (Cheryl’s sister) looking at the bad girl cheryl seat

The infamous Mrs. Liz RichardsonThe infamous Mrs. Liz Richardson

Cheryl Money, owner of Money’s GrillCheryl Money, owner of Money’s Grill

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