No Place to Play

Ignorance is very hard to explain. Here is how I will describe it from a local perspective. Imagine you are a well to do politician. That term is relative what would be middle class in Colorado or California is wealthy in Barbour County Alabama. Nonetheless you own your home, a nice vehicle or two. Your wife doesn’t really have to work, but sort of does. You have a few dollars in accounts and everything is paid for. Your primary concern is watching and attending football games, keeping your affair secret, and providing for your children. Several hours a day is spent engaged in thinking about what others think of you. This is what more than anything else determines who you are.

Meanwhile on the other side of town there are children that have no place to play this summer. You know a few of their relatives because you pay them to wash your bass-boat and cars. Handing them a 20 on top of a hundred you think x’s the little block of redemption to balance the inequity. It doesn’t. But consider your children have taxpayer funded boat ramps to launch their 50k bassboat this summer on the lake. Their children don’t even have a place to play.

Do something or I’ll make you a little project between now and election time.

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