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A seat at the table, Dothan Alabama

In a few days I will upload part of the exhibit of my Alabama project. I spent a few years off and on working on this project. It’s hard to let go of something and call it complete. I have not found a way to that — this photo though perhaps not the best I took sums up what I observed. If it has a narrative its a population of approximately 48% of a community is denied a seat at the table of political power. As the past NAACP president told me when the nation had the Civil Rights movement it bypassed this part of Alabama. No one here in the 20th judicial district really understands it because we never lived it. That struggle continues in pockets like this where we were never given a seat at the table. How a community resists is never perfect nor is how media or those in power potray it. I simply tried to look beneath the surface and for a sustained period of time with my camera and observe.

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